About InterMED-Rx

The InterMED-Rx website provides health professionals with a user-friendly tool at the cutting edge of scientific knowledge. This site provides a better grasp of drug interactions related to the cytochrome P450 superfamily.

This website is made up of three main sections. The first section, Theoretical Notions, provides health professionals with an overview of the important concepts related to drug metabolism. This section reviews basic notions related to metabolism and to the CYP450 superfamily by introducing and defining the notions of inhibitor, substrate and inducer. It also presents CYP450's major isoenzymes and discusses substrates with different affinities, a crucial element in interpreting drug interactions.

The second section, InterMED-Rx P450 Table, provides health professionals with a complete list of orally administered drugs which contain a single chemical entity in their formulation. The listed drugs that interact with CYP450 are classified as inhibitors of various isoenzymes, as substrates or as inducers of these same isoenzymes. For their part, substrates are categorized as a function of three distinct affinity types, namely, high affinity, intermediate affinity or low affinity.

The third section, InterMED-Rx Advisor, permits health professionals to enter the various drugs making up a given patient's therapeutic regime. Once the table has been constituted, it enables a rapid, visual analysis of the possible interactions among the various drugs as a function of the CYP450 isoenzymes. In doing so, it makes it possible to predict for a given isoenzyme which of the drugs will cause the interaction and which ones will undergo the interaction.

The InterMED-Rx website is intended for health professionals and is subject to conditions of use. Health professionals are invited to consult the section TERMS AND CONDITIONS.