QUESTION: Can I consult the InterMED-Rx website with the same account from different computers at the same time?

ANSWER: No. There can only be one active session per user at any given time. Logging in from another computer will automatically terminate your previous session. When you return to the first computer you will get a "Session not valid" error and you will have to close your browser and login again.

QUESTION: I consult the InterMED-Rx website from my mobile device and my desktop. I keep getting an error when I try accessing the site from my mobile device and I can't get rid of it even if I close the page. What can I do?

ANSWER: This happens because you did not logout from your mobile device session and you started another session from your desktop. Effectively you killed your mobile device session when you logged on from your other computer and the InterMED-Rx session cookie is still present in your browser. To fix the problem, close the browser (please refer to the device's User Guide for instructions). If you are using an iPad/iPod/iPhone and are having trouble closing Safari, then try the following: close all open pages in your Safari browser, then go to the device's "Settings" screen and clear the Safari cookies. You should then be able to access InterMED-Rx from your iPad/iPod/iPhone again.